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The Happy Collection - Where you can share with others what you have learned in life about happiness.

There are two activities on this page.  First, we invite you to share about your experience of happiness - 
what you do when you are happy and what you do to be happy. 

Second, we ask you to share what you do when you are unhappy, to become happy again!
For each of 5 emotions of anger, worry, sadness, trying (efforting) or fear, we ask you to share
how you cope with these emotions to become happy again.   Check out the examples on the right then fill in the blank. Remember to log in first. Feel free to login as "anonymous". Think of things you do that help you through daily life and struggles, or to be inspired, to feel hope, to overcome anger, sadness, fear, worry, or stress. Sharing these things will not only help others, but it will help you. Because guess what? Remembering these favorite things has a rub-off effect on our state of mind!

Following along with the examples, click on a form to share what you have learned in life about happiness.  Feel free to send us some comments if you would like to share anything else or have suggestions on how we might make this site more fun.

happy faceanger-into-happyworry-into-happysad-into-happypretense-into-happyfear-into-happy

When I am happy I ...

To be happy I ...

Happiness Is ...

When I am unhappy I ...

When I feel angry then I... and I feel better

When I feel worry I .... and I am not so worried anymore

If I feel sadness then I.... and I am happy again

If I feel like I am efforting then I.... and I am happy again

When I feel fear then I.... and I feel happy again.