The Open Heart Common Sense Project
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Picture Courtesy of Heart Math Institute

Welcome to the Art Gallery for Project Open Heart Common Sense!

In the age of the machine, a project to remember what it is to be human.   Because it takes more than logic to live in the world.

This project is a code-cousin of the MIT Open Mind Common Sense Project (OMCS), except we have added something different - EMOTION and ART! Emotion is a kind of knowledge so we felt it was important to represent not just common sense about objects themselves but also, how you feel about those objects. To help inspire you to enter data with emotion we have gathered art and images that convey the human heart and emotion.  Gaze at the images on the left to find inspiration for self expression before entering your emotional common sense about objects on the right hand side of this page.  

Credits: The images on this site are the property of each artist.  Wherever possible we list the artist and their website. Thanks to MIT OMCS for their code. Thanks to Curt Smith, Cindy Mason, Rosa Gil, Roberto Gonzales, and the team at Kurzweil Technology.  

IMAGE By      Licudine


IMAGE By  Fielder
Fielder No.2

IMAGE By Fielder
Fielder No. 1

IMAGE By  Fielder

Maryann Fielder No. 4

IMAGE By Fielder
Maryann Felder No.6