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Picture Courtesy of Heart Math Institute

Welcome to the Gallery for Project Open Heart!

In the age of the machine, a project to remember what it is to be human.   Because it takes more than logic to live in the world.

This page presents art and image that conveys the human heart and emotion.  Gaze at the images to find inspiration for self expression.   We hope that you will share the wisdom of your heart with us, so that others may also benefit from your feelings.    

The images on this site are the collected from images on the internet and are the property of each artist.  Wherever possible we list the artist and their website.  If you are an artist and would like to be included here, please get in touch with us.   For more information and resources on health and emotions visit


We dedicate this website to human beings everywhere who suffer from emotional or mental pain, and especially those who suffer alone.

IMAGE By      Licudine


IMAGE By  Fielder
Fielder No.2

IMAGE By Fielder
Fielder No. 1

IMAGE By  Fielder

Maryann Fielder No. 4

IMAGE By Fielder
Maryann Felder No.6