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Picture Courtesy of Heart Math Institute

Welcome to Project Open Heart!

In the age of the machine, a project to remember what it is to be human.   Because it takes more than logic to live in the world.

Most computers and some humans don't know basic things about the world of the heart. Things we humans take for granted but things which computer logic and some people are clueless about, like why remembering someone's birthday is important. We call that knowledge "heart sense" - its the common sense of the heart. In some cases, its really the wisdom of the heart, or instinct. Here, you can help build a database of such heart wisdom by looking at the examples and typing in simple sentences with the Open Heart Concepts or chosing your own, depending on how you feel.  By writing your feelings, you may find you discover them.

How to Create Heart Wisdom

If you want to interact with OpenHeart and share new things, you will want to visit the Heart Gallery for inspiration!
To see examples, click a link on the sidebar. Or check out some of the artwork that may help inspire you to share.

The big picture

This site is the current implementation of the Project OpenHeart, a project that enlists the help of ordinary every day humans to create a collection via the web of knowledge about what it is to be human (and not machine). The wisdom of the human heart or heart sense includes compassion, kindness, envy, pain, fear, and joy, birthdays, pets, picnics, music, love, and hate. So that others (and maybe some computers!) may remember and learn the wisdom of the heart. It is inspired by work with patients, seniors, healers, neuroscientists, children and grandparents, and the growing awareness of how important love and kindness are to our health and happiness. The idea of collecting data from people over the web was inspired by Dr. David G. Stork. You can find related projects that other groups are working on at .

The information collected by this site becomes part of the OpenHeart Database. Anyone can contribute, any human that is, and if you feel better being an "anonymous" user that is allowed. Sometimes being anonymous makes it easier to share inner feelings. You can also make up a name, or give your name, however you like. Thank you for sharing.


We dedicate this website to human beings everywhere who suffer from emotional or mental pain, and especially those who suffer alone. Remembering Push Singh, who started the original MIT Open Mind Common Sense project and the U.C. Berkeley International House students who died from suicide.